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So often, you see a new business and wonder who thought of that, and when you find the owner, or the manager of the business it’s a woman who has spent the majority of her ‘working years’ raising children. “Where’s her experience?”

Women Lead –

Jan VerhoeffWomen the world over have realized that operating a business isn’t so different from managing a family, or running a home, or innovating new ideas and concepts that helped them to achieve their dreams. Women get it… Do you?

Recently, I was invited to post a blurb about what helps me to accomplish my dreams for a book being published about and by women. I pulled together a few thoughts and sent my message to the publisher. Within a few days, I received a downloadable copy of my new book in email, and there were more than a hundred participants in this ebook – all women who owned and operated their own businesses, as leaders.

I was excited! 

Purpose Powered PeopleJessica Peterson does some of the same things I do, mostly in the marketing area, and we have a lot of mutual friends. So, many of the people in this book are friends and business associates. We may not agree on everything, or even work in the same niches, but I’ll tell ya, these are some hard working people and they’re pretty amazing friends. If you need inspiration, motivation, key concepts, or even just an encouraging word… This is a great book, and you’ll gain insight into the workings of successful, powerfully connected people.

And the best part of all, even though it’s predominantly women in the book, there are a few men who chimed in to remind us that we’re all working on the same team, the success team.

Leaders have power.

When you’re surrounded by leaders, you don’t have to BE a follower, you can be a leader too, just know that you won’t lead everyone. And take time to follow some too.

Powerful leaders are like geese.

When geese fly in formation, the goose at the point of the V pushes wind, and it’s hard work. So when the lead goose tires, he moves back and the next goose takes the lead. Geese fly like that over thousands of miles, shifting leaders as they go, until they arrive at their destination. One goose doesn’t have to lead all the time.

That’s what powerful leaders do. They shift off and let others lead sometimes, so that they don’t get too tired to carry their own weight.

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