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You have been doing this for a while, writing posts on facebook, clicking on links, and what do you have to show for it?

What if…

Post PCBookCoverYou could be making some cash doing what you’re doing now? Would it be worth it, to learn how to make some cool cash and still have some fun posting your thoughts with friends?

A few years back when social media first hit the internet, I thought “This is cool, I wonder if I can use this to somehow market my niche sites.”

At the time, my niche sites were pleasantly profitable, but I thought they could definitely use a boost in traffic. So, I started considering what I might be able to do and how I could use social media (then just Facebook) to create more traffic to my sites.

When I realized it worked for my websites, I offered to help friends increase the profitable traffic on their sites – for a price.

Those who invested in my services got a return on their investment.

The better they followed my directions, the more return they got.

And that’s when it started…

They started sharing my advice, and I had more and more customers. The $7 Model was born, and I kept moving forward with that basic model, but more people wanted help to get the job done, and I was scheduling in hour after hour of webinars, on the model. It worked. But then someone who had been on the team for a while, making it work, said, “Hey, Jan. I think I’m ready to just do this on my own now. How about a list of the basic steps to achieve this process, then if we need more, we can come back and ask you – say, over coffee?”

So, here it is…

My $7 Model cut to the bone, bare basics, with a few links where you can get ‘the help you may need’ without paying the subscription for $7 a month, and you can find everything you might want, plus have access to Java with Jan if you do want to make a few calls, or if it’s just a one-on-one you’d rather have, you pick the amount of time you need. And you already have the link – in this one time document.

Click below:

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