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Ever wonder where to market your business?

How about a local magazine?

Real Deals Magazine offers interesting ads for local businesses, printed and delivered to the door, or accessible online with a link to the business.

Jan VerhoeffNo matter where you’re located, you have the option of advertizing your business in the local ad magazine. And you can be seen from anywhere, or localize your market to be seen in a local business.

How about making your home in one of the communities where there are already Real Deals Magazines? Or perhaps you’re thinking of creating your own local business?

Owner, Ginger Coberley, offers a franchise option for those who want to manage their own magazine, sell their own ads, and create a similar product for their community. This highly profitable endeavor opens up a whole new spectrum of marketing for businesses, and keeps that door wide open for long term marketing options.

Build your business online, or in a local Main Street Market, and advertise in a world of markets where your business can grow a dedicated client base. We’ll show you how!

Build Your Business Online

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