Jan VerhoeffIt isn’t half as hard as you think it is to be recognized, and known online. And once you are, there’s no turning back.

I-Net Money Machine started out as a prank to add traffic to my website, and somewhere along the way, it became more fun to just share tidbits of information and not worry about the ‘prank money maker’. That’s when it happened.

I-Net Money Machine began making money online. And then it captured the attention of people who don’t need to ever visit my websites again, hackers. I got hacked. They stole my content, my traffic, and my value. The site was dead for four months while I tried to stop them from hacking into the sites that I had to protect for my clients.

But I missed the Money Machine. I missed the quick, random notes about topics I loved to discuss, and I missed the people. So, here I am, rebuilding I-Net Money Machine.

I’m Jan Verhoeff, an online marketer who loves to write. I love the business niches, and I love my readers. I’ve missed you, every single one of you. And, I’m back. Growing content, rebuilding my sites, and reminding myself of how much fun it was to interact with my clients on topics they loved to learn more about.

Let’s do this – again!

Fill out the form in the upper left corner of the page, and you’ll get a quick inbox when I write a blog post, so you can come read and comment.

I already see some blessings in the future.

You're Amazing!


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